Mallory Tate Insurance Services LogoAbout Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC. of Dothan, AL

A Family History in Insurance Services

Kim Mallory-Tate is the owner of Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC. in Dothan, AL. Kim is a second generation insurance agent. She has followed in the footsteps of her father, Lewis Mallory. Mr. Mallory was an insurance agent in Dothan, Al area for many years. Upon his retirement, Kim stepped into her father’s shoes as the primary insurance agent at the family’s insurance business. To this day, Kim continues to serve the insurance needs of Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise and all of the cities and towns in the surrounding wiregrass area.

Building a Community of Relationships and Strength

Kim is contracted with many insurance companies directly. She has also coupled with Premier Agency Network in Montgomery, AL. This gives Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC. access to some of the largest and strongest insurance companies that service customers in Alabama. This relationship enhances Mallory-Tate’s market strength and stability, all for the benefit of their customers. They are able to successfully achieve their primary goal which is to tailor insurance policies that offer their customers the maximum insurance protection at the very best possible prices.

We Make Your Insurance Needs and Coverage Easy

It might seem that using an insurance agency with so many different policies and options might make shopping for insurance confusing and tiresome. It’s truly just the opposite. The professional agents at Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC. take all of the insurance buying difficulty and turn it into great policies with great premiums for you, the customer. They will also always take the time to explain the process and the policy in terms you can understand.

Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC. is an agency with a heart. They offer a wide array of insurance products for both individuals and businesses and they offer personal insurance such as auto, homeowners, and renters insurance. For businesses in Alabama, they offer diverse products such as farm insurance, cyber liability, and payroll services, to name a few.

Mallory-Tate offers insurance solutions that are customized to fit your needs as well as your budget. They are your hometown insurance agency. Contact Mallory-Tate today.