Farming EquipmentModern Farm Owners Equipment

Long gone are the days of fix-it-yourself farm equipment. With advancements in technology, modern farm equipment continues to become increasingly complex. One major equipment breakdown could lead to a resounding screech in production. Mallory-Tate Insurance Services can review and renew your Farm Owners Equipment coverage so your farm stays up and running.

Farm Owners Equipment Coverage Options

Farm equipment can be covered in one of two ways. A blanket policy will cover all items up to an agreed upon amount, or, you can choose to list each piece of equipment separately on your policy with its own value. Most farm equipment coverage options are comprehensive and are specifically designed to make up for many of the exclusions found in most basic farm policies, such as mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems breakdown. A comprehensive farm owners equipment policy will cover a myriad of events, such as:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Wind/windstorm/hail
  • Damage during towing
  • Foreign/falling object damage
  • Cab glass breakage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Borrowed machinery
  • Rented or leased equipment

 If you decide to list your equipment individually on your policy, it is important that the values you place on each item are current and accurate. If your policy is not representative of your equipment’s true value, you could receive a much lower payout for a covered event. A Mallory-Tate agent can help you complete an itemized policy so you receive an appropriate payout should you have to file a claim.

Need Even More Coverage?

If you feel that even a comprehensive farm equipment policy is not enough for your particular situation, ask your Mallory-Tate agent about Farm Owners Equipment Breakdown Coverage. This type of policy provides much more than protection from direct physical damage to covered equipment. Equipment breakdown coverage will also help your business with:

  • Lost farm income resulting from a covered equipment breakdown
  • Expenses to speed recovery and limit loss
  • Loss value of spoiled products/materials resulting from a covered equipment breakdown


 A Mallory-Tate Insurance Services agent can help you determine the amount of coverage you need, and get you that coverage at the best price available.