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Simplicity. It makes a difference – especially when you are dealing with something as important as a Farm Owners Insurance Package. You have worked hard to build your dream farm, including your home, and now it is time to protect them. Mallory-Tate Insurance Services can help. We can get you all the coverage you need rolled into one policy. It is just that simple!

A Quick Look at a Farm Owners Insurance Package

A Farm Owners Insurance Package, sometimes just called Farm Insurance or Farm Owners Policy, provides broad coverage above your typical Farm Owners Liability Policy. A farm owners package combines commercial and personal coverages for individually operated and family farms. Not only will combining your farm and personal coverage simplify things like premium payments, but an inclusive policy can be a cost-effective way to increase your liability coverage and get higher coverage limits for all of the policies that are included.

Coverage Options

Mallory-Tate Insurance Services can provide you with a variety of coverage options in your Farm Owners Insurance Package that are tailored to your personal circumstances, such as:

Dwelling Coverage
Much like Homeowners Insurance, dwelling coverage protects your private residence. This not only includes your house, bust also structures that are attached to it such as:
Heating and cooling systems
Water heating systems
Water softeners
Working outdoor antennas or reception dishes

Personal Property
Personal property coverage applies to the contents of your home in the case of fire or theft. Examples of items covered by personal property coverage are:
Personal items

Farm Structures
Farm structures coverage applies to buildings used specifically for your farm, such as:
Additional farmhouses

Other optional coverage includes:
Farm Livestock Policy
Farm Equipment Policy
Nontraditional activities such as direct sales and agritourism

These are just a few of the many policies available for your total Farm Owners Insurance Package. Let a professional Mallory-Tate Insurance Services agent put together a package that protects all of your assets. Simplicity.