Categories of Farm Owners Liability Policies

Generally, a farm owners liability policy will provide coverage for three specific categories of liability:

Premises Liability: protects the property owner from claims by a third party who is injured on the premises or sustains property damage as a direct result of the physical condition of your farm. Please note that this type of coverage is not the same, nor a replacement for, personal health insurance or personal property insurance.

Operations Liability: protects you in the event that you are held responsible for injury or property damage caused by some facet of your farm, even off property. Common operations liability claims are filed as a result of accidents caused by farm machinery on roadways.

Pollution Liability: This portion of your policy deals mostly with the emission of pollutants directly from your farm or while in transit. Pollution liability insurance helps pay for injury or property damage caused by these pollutants and pollution clean-up.

Aspects of a Farm Owners Liability Policy

Your liability policy should denote the following:

  • Specific coverage exclusions
  • Time period of coverage
  • Monetary caps for each occurrence

Remember, your insurance company’s obligation ends after your policy caps are reached.

Farm Owners Liability Insurance and Your Responsibility

As the Farm Owners Liability policy holder, you will be expected to:

  • Pay your premiums
  • Give prompt notification to your insurer if an accident occurs
  • Cooperate fully with your insurer if a claim is made

Be sure to tell your professional Mallory-Tate Insurance Services agent about all the types of activities occurring on your farm. This will help ensure that you have the right amount of coverage for your specific situation. It is also recommended that you review your current coverage on a regular basis as any increase in assets necessitates an increase in your Farm Owners Liability coverage.