Auto Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Auto Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Although most people agree that auto insurance is a must, there are a lot of misconceptions about car insurance and how insurance agents determine the rates you pay. The qualified agents at your car insurance company can help you choose the policy that’s right for you. But before you get […]

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Safety Pays Off: A Good Way to Earn a Boat Insurance Discount as a Safe Boater

Complete A Basic Boating Course To Receive Boat Insurance Discount
Your health and security, as well as that of your passengers, is of premium importance when you are on the water. An excellent way to ensure you are cruising safely is to sign up for and attend a boating course. An added benefit of this educational […]

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Alabama: Protect Your ATV With ATV Insurance

How You Can Protect Your ATV With ATV Insurance In Alabama  
One of the most popular pastimes throughout all of Alabama is riding ATVs. It’s certainly no secret that there are plenty of passionate riders all over the entire state, and with over 20 different areas in which to ride these types of vehicles, there’s […]

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A Vacationers Guide to RV Insurance Coverage

RV Insurance Coverage                                  
Under Alabama’s Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) law, with few exceptions, every recreational vehicle (RV) is required to have an MLI policy. The state mandated levels of insurance under the MLI are:

$25,000 in coverage – death or […]

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Collision vs Comprehensive Auto Insurance: What’s the Difference?


Collision vs Comprehensive Auto Insurance  

In the state of Alabama, all drivers need to have automobile liability insurance. Should an accident occur, this policy will help cover any applicable damage to property or any injury claims made by other drivers. But liability insurance won’t cover your own injuries or the damage your own vehicle sustains. […]

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