General Liability Insurance

Also referred to as “Commercial Liability Insurance,” General Liability Insurance protects you, your employees, and your business against liability claims brought by a third party.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

This part of your policy is divided into two categories:

Premises/Operations: helps pay for bodily injury or property damage that occurs on your premises or as a result of your business operations.

Products/Completed Operations: helps pay for bodily injury and property damage that occurs away from your business premises and is caused by your products or completed work.

Should a claim be brought against you, your commercial liability policy will help pay for legal proceedings including litigation, judgements awarded by the court, and out-of-court settlements.

Additionally, general liability coverage includes:

  • The insurance company’s investigation
  • Attorney expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred by the third party
  • Posting of bonds

Personal and Advertising Injury Liability

A general liability policy also covers intellectual property, contracts, and advertising issues. Common areas of coverage include:

  • Copyright infringement claims
  • Libel and/or slander claims
  • Contractual liability
  • Faulty products

Exclusions to Coverage

Carrying general liability insurance is an important part of your overall business plan, but you can easily find yourself in a situation outside the scope of that policy. Many times an additional policy is necessary to cover these scenarios. Some of the situations not covered by general liability insurance:

  • Employee Injuries
  • Professional Mistakes
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Punitive Damages resulting from a lawsuit
  • Intentional Criminal Acts
  • Workmanship

Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC. can review your commercial policy to ensure your coverage extends to all areas of your business. Keep in mind, liability insurance only covers losses suffered by the party bringing the claim, therefore any losses or damage sustained by you will not be covered under this policy.

Additional Coverage

For a more comprehensive policy, consider adding additional coverage such as:
Excess Liability Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Mallory-Tate is here to help you determine what the right coverage is for your business and type of business. Give us a call today or fill out our form and we will call you!