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Mallory-Tate Insurance Services, LLC is an independent agency representing many different companies. Because we work for you, our goal is to match you with the best company based on your specific needs. We take time to find the right fit. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we have your best quote.

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Why does Mallory-Tate Insurance Services not give instant quotes on Home or Business Services?

Independent local insurance agents have  many different companies available to choose from when quoting a home or a business. So, the more companies to choose from, the longer the quoting process will take. This is why independent agents like Mallory-Tate Insurance Services will often take a little longer than online quoters to complete the process-but it will be worth the wait. In one sense, local agents act as a middle man between you and the company. Another way to think about their position is to see them as essentially the representative for their multiple companies.

How does Mallory-Tate handle your insurance quotes?

They must collect all of your pertinent  information necessary to satisfy all of the insurance companies

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that will give a quote. They must then, generally via computer, enter all of your vital information into each company’s application format. Once they have collected quotes from the various insurance companies, they will contact you with the premium information.

While receiving quotes from local independent agents may not  always be the fastest or most convenient option, they most often  lead to your getting the best insurance policy for your needs. Having a professional, local independent  insurance agent  is essentially the same as  having a personal insurance consultant. Because they get to know you and value you, they know your needs, they know the laws, and they know their products inside and out.

Mallory-Tate provides a personalized service.

A local independent agent like Mallory-Tate  knows your situation first hand and desires to make Insurance Agents Meeting with Customersappropriate suggestions which will benefit you the most. Many local agents with websites will also provide online quotes. These quotes are just as convenient as the direct buy companies while giving you access to the multiple companies that are represented by your local independent agent, not just the one company offered by the direct buy company.

Overall, would a local independent  agent’s quote be cheaper than buying direct online? The answer most likely. Each individual insurance buyer is different as well as each insurance company’s pricing criteria.

Fill out the form above or just Mallory-Tate a call at 334-793-6967 today to get a free quote and to see the difference having an independent insurance agent can make.